MTECH Thailand

Project Services

Developers are increasingly requesting BIM delivery for their projects in order to reduce costs and improve designs. Due to BIM being a relatively new concept, some organizations find they do not have the capabilities or resources available to deliver data rich building information models to the clients specications. This is where MTECH can help. Our staff work in compliance with the most stringent global BIM delivery standards and are trained in the latest Autodesk software having completed projects in regions including Europe, the Middle East and Asia Pacific. Our experience covers both the public and private sectors and include high-rise, low-rise, residential, commercial, healthcare and mixed use developments.

Model Building

Our model building services can be engaged for both design and construction phases of a project or we can make a straight conversion from your as-built 2D drawings or point cloud survey to a data rich deliverable as per your requirements. Our commitment to deliver the highest level of service is evident in our flexibility to adapt to your projects needs and our model building services can be delivered either from our own premises or we can send one of our teams to work from your site.

Using Autodesk Revit, MTECH's Revit modellers are experienced professionals in the production of fully coordinated BIM models to your specifications across all disciplines (Architecture, Structure, MEP, Civil) and possess the capabilities and experience to build data rich Building Information Models in compliance with various standards and Levels of Development/detail (LOD) specifications including:

Beneficial to: Developers, Project managers, Design team members, Contractors, FM

Model Management / Coordination

Clash detection is the exercise of checking coordination quality and clearances of and between MEP services, structure and architecture using BIM software compatible with model building platforms such as Autodesk Revit. MTECH's services include performing the clash detection on our clients models and reporting any design or coordination defects.

This exercise potentially saves the client substantial time and money due to early identification of problematic areas early on in the project minimising the threat of costly reworking on site.

Beneficial to: Developers, Design team members, Contractors

4D Construction Sequencing Simulations

Data from construction schedules can be combined with the power of BIM to create an animated "4D" simulation of how an asset is planned to be built in terms of the order each activity is to be carried out. This can highlight problems with the planned schedule in terms of site efficiency, safety and accessibility allowing construction managers to make changes in advance. MTECH have experience of producing such animations on a variety of projects based on both our clients building information models or models created by ourselves on behalf of our client’s.

Beneficial to: Developers, Project Managers, Contractors

5D Cost / QTO / BOQ

BIM models can be used to generate accurate quantity takeoffs and assist in the creation of cost estimates throughout the lifecycle of a project. This enables the project team to see the cost effects of their design decisions and proposed changes during all phases of the project, and this feedback supports better design decision-making and can help curb excessive budget overruns due to project modifications. 

Beneficial to: Developers, Project Managers, Contractors