MTECH Thailand

Professional Services

MTECH have developed a range of professional services that help our clients adopt our solutions quickly and effectively, ensuring they get the very best return on their investments. From initial installation and configuration through to full project roll out  we offer a comprehensive range of services that can support the entire building lifecycle. Below is a summary of our background and approach:


A People Experience team

People and Experience

MTECH have established  teaming agreements with Meinhardt (Thailand) and The BIM Academy (UK) for the delivery of AEC BIM and Project Management services in Thailand and Myanmar and are ideally positioned to provide BIM Architectural, Engineering and Construction services with established BIM delivery hubs in Bangkok, Hong Kong, London and Sydney, providing both local and international support and coordination duties.

This team has a blend of experience in BIM that has been evolved through working on AEC BIM and Project Management services on over 50 BIM projects to a value in excess of $5 billion usd. Team members are highly experienced in the use and application of BIM. The use of Building Information Models is well embedded in our organizations working practices. This is the case for processes such as 3D Coordination, Model Management, 4D time lining, 5D quantification and using data contained within models for the management of the Asset information Model (AIM).

Our superior training capability performed by certified Autodesk instructors provides not just training in the software, but more importantly the knowledge transfer that has been gained from years of project experience. Our experienced project consultants deliver a range of ongoing project services and post sales technical support to ensure our clients make a smooth transition to BIM and deliver successful BIM projects.