MTECH Thailand

BIM Services

Our products and services are all engineered to suit Building Information Modelling (BIM) workflows. All of our services are customized according to the clients project requirement and below you will find a brief introduction to the scope of BIM services we offer. Our services can be provided as a complete implementation plan, or you can select which services best suit the needs of your organization or project.

"MTECH provide Professional Consulting Services that help our clients realize the benefits of BIM."

BIM Training

Getting everyone in your office up to speed with the latest BIM software and processes is essential.  We can create a custom training schedule for your employees based on your projects and deliverables.  We have worked with architects, engineers, contractors, and owners to educate their staff not only in BIM software but also the new integrated process that is vital to the success of the BIM.

We offer a series of practical workshops designed to provide project teams with the knowledge to transform their working methods and undertake a full BIM project. Our innovative approach allows each participant to see the particular value and relevance of BIM to them in the course of their duties and responsibilities and unique insight into the collaborative BIM process.

BIM Implementation

Our BIM Implementation service is engineered to assist the client to design, develop, manage and implement BIM standards and practices to ensure that upon completion of which, the client will have the knowledge and capabilities to deliver all of their future projects using BIM technologies & processes.

BIM Project Support / Pilot Project

MTECH provide both on-site and off-site project consulting services to assist our clients through the early stages of BIM development through to project delivery. A key phase in testing the capabilities of your BIM team is to conduct a pilot project. The scope of services we can offer to ensure success in this phase are as follows: