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Government mandates such as those in the UK and Singapore are creating the benchmark approach to data integration on projects. BIM FM ushers in a new era of Facility Management where data and information rich models manage data that is integrated once, during design and construction and subsequently used throughout the lifecycle of the building. BIM FM produces cost reduction in the lifecycle management of facility and its consumption of energy.  

What is BIM FM?

BIM FM or 6D BIM (6D Building Information Modeling) is a term widely in the construction industry which refers to the intelligent linking of a 3D BIM model and its components to all aspects of project life-cycle, asset, and facilities management information.

Where a model is created by the designer and updated throughout the construction phase, it will have the capacity to become a 6D"As-Built" BIM model that can be delivered to the owner when a construction project is completed. The model will be able to contain all of the specifications, operation and maintenance (O&M) manuals, and warranty information, which is useful for future maintenance. This eliminates the problems that can currently be experienced if the O&M manual has been misplaced or is kept at a remote location. Sensors can feed back and record data relevant to the operation phase of a building, enabling BIM to be used to model and evaluate energy efficiency, monitor a building's life cycle costs and optimize its cost efficiency. It also enables the owner to evaluate the cost-effectiveness of any proposed upgrades.

Using BIM FM facilities managers can effectively explore, track, and manage information using the powerful parametric capabilities and data embedded in the BIM model to analyze space related data, track inventory and lifecycle data and perform cost needs analysis.

3D Model + FM / Asset Information = 6D BIM FM

BIM FM Software

Ecodomus - BIM FM Data Integration

BIM intergrator tool for full 3D record documentation integratrated with the Asset Management System.

Ecodomus brings the value of BIM to building owners for improved design and construction data collection and handover, facility management, operation and maintenance. Ecodomus software provides a 3D view of facilities in an easy to use format for facility managers that links BIM with real-time  operations data acquired via meters & sensors (Building Automation Systems, BAS) and facility management (FM) software. This allows for the intelligent analysis of a building’s performance, and enforces better maintenance practices resulting in a significant reduction in labor hours and more effiicient energy savings.

BIM FM Services

MTECH (Thailand) and BIM Academy (UK) have collaborated to provide a world class BIM project management and BIM FM turnkey solution for projects in Thailand. We offer BIM FM implementation services for Facility Owners, Builders and Consultants. Our combined expertise can be utilised throughout the Design, Construction, and Project Handover to provide a record model with verified and validated project data records that can be integrated with the client asset management system - This service is available for both new buildings and existing estate.